My Story

I'm that girl who always left the house and forgot she had a candle burning. Hours later I would come home to find that candle still burning and being grateful I didn't burn the house down. When I needed extra money in addition to my full time job I started researching direct sales opportunities. You know where this part of the story goes! I had many reasons for choosing Scentsy and today I'm so happy that I did! I have met many new people and am working on that part of me that always had a hard time speaking in front of large groups of people. In 2013 I had the opportunity to attend Scentsy Family Reunion and it has put a spark in me and I'm motivated to move my business to the next level. Please join me in my journey! You can count on me if you need to place an order, host a party or if you are looking to join my team!<!--endbody-->